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Anonymous: What program do you use? 

It’s an app but I’m not telling which one bc I wanna make them instead of people making them for themselves. :~)

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fuckenvanessa: not sure if you made a collage of Ricky Horror but if you haven't could you ? c: 

Yes, it’s done now.

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bandsnstuffblog: Could You Make A Black Veil Brides and Falling In Reverse Collage Pleasee :) Thanks 

I wasn’t sure if you wanted two separate collages so I just put them in one.

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Anonymous: I was just saying dude. And I'm not even one of your followers. -.- 

Then why are you even here? Why do you care? Don’t like it, don’t look at it. I’m not here to please you.

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Anonymous: You should have stated it was an inside joke js. 

If you dislike it, don’t look at it. And the caption says it’s for a friend.
I also wouldn’t have to because I know a lot of my followers aren’t judgmental fucks.

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malicemarionette: I was just confused by the collage itself. I mean, I find serial killers, necrophilia, and cannibalism interesting, so I definitely won't diss anyone else's interests. I was just confused. 

It’s fine. All those things interest me as well.